Play the World is an initiative connected to the Play Film platform which allows entry into the world of film, into locations where the most important and exciting scenes of famous films have been shot. One of the locations chosen for exploration by this platform was that used for New Moon, a phenomenon of incredible proportions which drew the attention of thousands of young people from all over the world, who thronged to the town of Montepulciano, and its beautiful square, during filming. This attention continues years later, with many tourists still coming to Montepulciano in search of the key-places of this event film.

Play the World uses Google Street View technology, which makes it possible to explore the places of the film, access lots of information related to the shooting of the most important scenes, listen to the soundtracks, and discover the books that inspired the films, providing a good level of interactivity.

The platform was created in conjunction with film studios Disney, Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal, Rai, Sony Pictures, Under the Milky Way, and Warner Brothers, and with the NASA Earth Observatory and the XL Catlin Seaview Survey.

Play The World



How to get here? Nothing could be easier

Orange Flag for Quality Envorinment


TerrediSiena WiFi

Welcome to the Wi-Fi web access service of the Municipality of Montepulciano..
You can enter the free websites immediately or browse the Internet for 2h/500MB a day, after logging in.

Premio Nazionale Smart Communities - Smau 2015

The national Smau 2015 Smart Communities award has been assigned to the Municipality of Montepulciano for the innovative value of the Carbon Footprint Project of Vino Nobile.

Montepulciano Tour

Download the Montepulciano TourAPP.
Specially designed with visitors in mind, this application is a small guide to the town, providing historical and cultural indications and useful information.

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