From an urban viewpoint, Montepulciano develops almost vertically, being built on a hill. There are parking facilities for cars and motorbikes more or less everywhere, even if in the higher part of town (Cathedral, Piazza Grande, Fort) there aren’t many parking spaces and tour buses aren’t allowed. There are spaces reserved for buses and coaches in piazza Pietro Nenni, below the Sanctuary of Sant’Agnese. From here, you can take the lift to the Poggiofanti gardens and start visiting the town, walking up the main road. Buses can also stop, just to let passengers on and off, near Porta delle Farine.

In Montepulciano, parking is easier with Whoosh

Pay-and-display parking areas for cars and motorbikes are equipped with a service that allows you to pay for your parking online, without the need for coins or magnetic stripe cards, and, above all, to extend your parking time, simply using your smartphone or a computer.

Using Whoosh is extremely easy and handy: you need to create an account on or via the app available on iPhones and Android, by registering the license plate number of one or more cars and linking your personal profile to your credit/ debit card to be used for the payment.

All pay parking spaces in Montepulciano are identified with a number that has to be stated online at the time of parking (stickers with the code are applied to the parking meters). Time adjustment is made directly on the display, and the payment is automatic. The parking enforcement personnel will check the regularity of your parking through the license plate number of your vehicle. To this end, it may be useful to display the Whoosh permit on the dashboard or windscreen.

With Whoosh, to extend the duration of your parking session you just need a simple touch on the display of your smartphone.


Name Where Capacity
Park 1 Piazza Don Minzoni 60
Park 3 Piazza Sant’Agnese 10
Park 4 Via delle Lettere 71
Park 5 Piazza Pietro Nenni 100
Park 6 Via Case Nuove 138
Park 7 Porta delle Farine 42
Park 8 Il Bersaglio (Via dei Filosofi) 58
Park 9 Via San Donato 42
Park 10 Fortezza 32
Park Viale Sangallo Park Viale Sangallo 44
Park Collazzi Via dei Filosofi 270
Park Piazza Misericordia sotto Piazza Nenni 100
Park Via dello Stadio Via dello Stadio 48
Park Via Cappelli Via Cappelli 27
Park Pontisecchi Via Pontisecchi 23
Park Viale Calamandrei Viale Calamandrei 18
Park Scuole Elementari Viale Primo Maggio 22
Park Via delle Lettere Via delle Lettere 29
Park Via delle Lettere Vigili del Fuoco 5
Park Via delle Lettere davanti negozi 35
Park Piazza Moulins Piazza Moulins 20
Park Piazza Testasecca Piazza Testasecca 34
Name Where Capacity
Park 5 Piazza Pietro Nenni  (Lo Sterro) 8
Name Where Capacity
Park 5  

Motorcaravan Parking Area – No. 5

Piazza Pietro Nenni  (Lo Sterro)

Services: running potable water; waste water and sewage drain.

No power outlets.

Pay and display parking (with designated parking meter).

Fees: € 10.00 for 24 hours – € 6.00 for 6 hours