Montepulciano has a characteristic that is so particular as to make it unique in the world: many of the town’s cellars, the oldest ones, are underground, beneath its pavements, squares, streets and alleyways; underneath Renaissance buildings and below monuments.

To celebrate a prestigious product like wine, many famous architects more or less everywhere in Italy turned their talents to designing cellars, which became not only places for storing wine, but also places of worship for all things beautiful and good. In Montepulciano, however, cellars have always been special places, where aesthetics – dictated in this case by ancient architectural plans – go hand in hand with functional and practical aspects. Due to the level of humidity and the constant temperature, these cellars are ideal for ageing high quality wines, such as Rosso di Montepulciano and Vino Nobile. Some of them are incredibly beautiful, with a remarkable emotional impact. Then there are the stories of certain cellar masters, who, with their wisdom and talent for storytelling, always manage to capture the attention of visitors.