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Sentiero della Bonifica

Approximately 65 km, almost entirely on the flat. A route for walking or cycling, altogether or in stages, but also in short stretches. Ideal for families, also with children, along the banks of the Chiana Canal, which characterised the development of the history of these places for a long time.

The Sentiero della Bonifica is a trail that winds along the Canale Maestro della Chiana, from Chiusi as far as Arezzo. Approximately 65 km of flat land crossing cultivated fields and touching places of outstanding beauty, like the Montepulciano Lake Nature Reserve, and historical ruins that testify to the reclamation work carried out in Val di Chiana, which was once a huge marsh. There are numerous access points, with the possibility to leave your car near the trail, and guests of the many holiday farms located in Val di Chiana will find it really easy to arrive here without travelling too far. Along the way, there are practical indications for delightful diversions towards particular points of interest, or to break up your walk with short visits to the various villages in the valley.