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Live Rock Festival

Every year, the hamlet of Acquaviva becomes a point of reference for international rock. The performances of famous groups and prestigious musicians are all absolutely free and excellent food and respect for the environment are the added value for this very popular and exciting event.

In almost twenty years of activity, the Live Rock Festival has been consolidated as one of Italy’s best festivals, with great international music, artistic originality, attention to the environment and excellent quality food and wine, drawing huge crowds of young visitors to the town. The vast area of the Fierale welcomes thousands of music fans every year, offering them the chance to share their interest in the proposals of an independent festival which is attentive to the most innovative trends.
Every year, there are five evenings of rock, avant-garde, electronic and world music, reggae, popular traditional music, blues and jazz; with free admission every time. Accompanied by high-quality, characteristic local food and wine.
The presence of Legambiente ensures environmental sensitivity and attention to the treatment of waste. The result is that 95% of waste is recycled. The festival is pursued thanks to the passion of about 150 young volunteers who, every year, organise what has always been a highly attractive social event.