lago montepulciano
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Lake Montepulciano

Lake Montepulciano is part of the 14 Nature Reserves of the Province of Siena. It is an expanse of water that is all that remains of the vast marsh which occupied practically the whole Val di Chiana. The area comprises some farmland and a considerable stretch of the Sentiero della Bonifica.

Lake Montepulciano falls inside the nature reserve of the same name, made up of the small lake and the land that surrounds it, occupying a total of 470 hectares: places that have been maintained and respected, and which are also extremely important to complete the local cultural opportunities offered. The Visitors’ Centre is always a hive of activity, with regular conferences, educational activities for children and adults, and all kinds of events. The Visitors’ Centre is also the perfect stop-off point for day-trippers on the Sentiero della Bonifica; from here they can go on walking tours with a guide and take trips on a special electric boat. The flora and fauna present make Lake Montepulciano one of the most important wetland areas in Europe, thanks to the quality and quantity of species that find it their ideal habitat for living and breeding. Tel. Centro Visite “La Casetta” – tel. +39 0578 767343