Famous sets

All kinds of adverts, TV fiction series and especially films, with international productions and big names. For decades, due to its particular atmospheres, as well as the sets offered by the Old Town and the neighbouring countryside, Montepulciano has been chosen as the ideal set. Many tours are organised to visit the places where the most famous actors have worked and where the most wonderful stories to have graced the silver screen have come to life.

The English Patient, In the Name of the Pope King, The Devil in Love, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Under the Tuscan Sun and, more recently, New Moon, a phenomenon of unpredictable dimensions, which brought thousands of youngsters to Montepulciano from all over the world, in the hopes of being able to take part as extras or to meet their idols; these are just a few examples chosen from the endless list of films shot so far in Montepulciano. A production that has been filmed here very recently is the TV drama, “Medici: Masters of Florence”, starring Dustin Hoffman, which will soon be distributed in Italy and in the United States. Once again, and it definitely won’t be the last time, since it’s been happening for over sixty years, Montepulciano has been chosen in a practically endless number of other situations, panoramas and occurrences. Here, everything is ready to welcome more new productions.