Event details
Date: July 2, 2022
Location: Museo Civico Pinacoteca Crociani
Address: Via Ricci Montepulciano

From 2nd July 2022, with inauguration at 5:30 p.m., to 6th January 2023, the Museo Civico Pinacoteca Crociani (Civic Museum Crociani Picture Gallery) in Montepulciano will host a painting exhibition by Anna Marocco, an artist from Montepulciano, who practised her art a century ago. After getting married, Anna Marocco lived her family life in several Italian cities, but stayed connected to her roots in Montepulciano, first to Villa Bianca, where she was born, then to the so-called Casina di San Biagio, purchased as a country house and later converted into a very prestigious historic villa.

“The oil on canvas ‘Ritratto della sorella Zina a Siena’ (Portrait of sister Zina in Siena) featured in this article is of excellent quality and denotes a marked sensitivity in her use of the pictorial material, in the skilful rendering of the luministic element” (stated Prof. Roberto Longi, Director of the Museo Civico Pinacoteca Crociani). The exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Meldolesi family.

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