Tastes of Montepulciano

Tastes of Montepulciano

Where can you find us? Quite obvious to say: in the beautiful Terre di Siena.

If setting the geographical boundaries of Montepulciano is an easy matter, its cultural boundaries, which are fuzzy and not clearly drawn, are rather hard to define to the point that you might end up not knowing if you have gone too far eastwards, into the region of Umbria, or southwards, to northern Lazio.

This blend of cultures is reflected in our local food, made up of dishes, recipes, and traditions coming from different parts of Italy, all of which may have different names, but are very similar to one another.

However, among the small towns of Italy, Montepulciano plays a leading role in the preservation of culinary traditions and in the enhancement of traditional food and recipes. Here, – not only to the town dwellers’ delight – the past, besides being alive, lives everyday through its young population, who cook for passion and for a living, preparing traditional dishes with old names, which have made our dialect the town’s official language of cooking. We leave out French and other rich terminology, which are to be used in other places and contexts.

From Cinta Senese pig cured meats (the pig breed depicted by Lorenzetti in a famous fresco at the Palazzo Comunale in Siena, dating back to as early as the 14th century), to our local wines: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Rosso di Montepulciano, and Vin Santo; from Chianina meat (made from the world’s largest cattle breed), game or aglione sauces –  the latter being a giant garlic, native of Valdichiana – to pici, thick hand-made spaghetti, rightfully mentioned in the National List of the traditional agricultural and food products of Italy. These are just a few reasons to try and have a taste of Montepulciano. There are indeed a thousand more dishes that you can try, because recipe variations can be numberless, just by adding certain local fruit, extra-virgin olive oil, truffles or sheep milk cheese.

Feel free to enjoy a bit of everything, and take home the endless memory of our unique flavours.