News 01 September 2021

A goblin in the garden: fanciful portraits by Dario Fusaro at Palazzo Avignonesi

Palazzo Avignonesi, at no. 91 Via di Gracciano nel Corso, opens its historic doors to the public for an exhibition of the works by Dario Fusaro, a great Italian garden photographer of international renown. The exhibition is open daily from 20 September to 30 October, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 to 10:00 pm. Free admittance. Info +39 0578321546 –

Dario Fusaro, photographer of gardens, interpreter of nature through his lens, his vision that has something special, a sensibility or poetic fantasy or reality, I don’t know how to define that in the terms of portrait each shot that fixes an image of an angle of whatever garden revealing a reality in a fairytale shape, of a superior energy, of beauty. Portrait because those shots reveal that which hides the most intimate part of a flower, a plant, an angle of green, and you seem to be there in that image, to smell the perfume, hear the rustling of the wind and everything that takes you into a dreamlike state you and those flowers, that plant, that corner of green you are one image of nature made of flora and fauna, the animal man among the animals. To enjoy that peace, the serenity that his state has taken away from him, and that there, in nature it is necessary to search for his origins and Dario through his watchful eye, stops in an instant all this, so that we can enjoy every moment, in every place, through one of his photographs.

The photographic camera, a modern instrument that in the hand of an artist who deeply knows the technique, it becomes a means of expression equal to the brush of a painter or a chisel of a sculptor, technique, fantasy, sense of beauty, equilibrium, harmony a source of expression of feeling through the image in front of which the observer feels emotion and that thrill of amazement that only a work of art can transmit. An image by whatever technique it is reproduced becomes art when it is able to transmit all this and the photographs of Dario cannot be denied, they transmit it.

The palate of colours, in every one of his imagines is endless, from the most diverse greens to the most tender such as a bud to the darker in the silhouette of an ancient cypress, they mix without getting confused, maintaining their own well defined identity that underlines the volume, the three dimensional images. Timid pastel colours or fragments of bright colours underline the strength and the chromatic immensity of the blooms creating flashes of light or faint romantic mottling as when he portrays roses or peonies. Scattered statues or artefacts in the vegetation reveal the presence of the hand of man and they reveal themselves like fantastic sets or sleeping characters in an indefinite time.

Dario Fusaro has illustrated with his photos in the most prestigious international magazines, published in a great number of books, and is certainly the garden photographer par excellence, even though not only in the field of photography has he expressed his artistic vein, but in many other forms of figurative expression from graphic design to advertising and beyond. Here Dario Fusaro leads us into his fantastic world, for the first time exhibiting to the public his most intimate view that of fantasy and jest in this personal exhibition of imaginative portraits.

The exhibition salon of the Avignonesi Palace welcomes visitors to this voyage into creativity and beauty and it is open to the public in the state of antem restoration giving everyone the opportunity to visit it.

The exhibition is open every day, from 20 September to 30 October, from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 22. Info +39 0578321546 –